What You Can do to Boost Your Own Energy Levels


As we age our hormone systems start to slow down and we don’t have as much energy as we did when we were in our early 20’s.  Your body’s production of testosterone and other growth hormones start to decline and these hormones are what give us that feeling of motivation and the energy to go about our day.  We still have plenty to do so how do we find the energy after 40 to get things done?  Let’s look at what you can do to boost your own energy levels.

Start Exercising Regularly

Every health professional in the world will tell you that regular exercise is good for your health but it provides immediate benefits too.  Regular exercise helps to get the blood flowing.  Improved blood flow brings nutrients to your muscles and helps to wake you up.  More exercise helps to provide you with more energy so get moving.

Remove the Junk Food

Your diet has a bigger impact on your energy and overall health than you might think.  Even just cutting out the sugars and junk food can work wonders.  You can start removing the bad foods and slowly introducing good and healthy food to your diet.  Healthy food gives your body the nutrients it needs to get you through the day and perform all the tasks you need to.  Here is a look at some of the worst junk foods and why you should give them up.

Try Something New

One of the consequences of aging for many people is getting stuck in a routine and getting complacent.  You go to work every day, come home and watch a little telly and then go to bed.  That can get boring after a while so you need to try something new.  Take a class, learn to speak Spanish, learn to dance or just try something that you have never done before.  New things help keep you young.

Add Supplements to Your Routine

Supplements can help you get the nutrients that you need that you aren’t getting from your diet.  If you check with your local health food store they can help you select the right supplement to naturally boost your energy levels.  If you are a woman then you may want to consider iron supplements, anemia is common and can wreak havoc on your energy levels.  Both men and women should consider B vitamins for energy as well.

Hitting the big 4-0 doesn’t mean that life is over or that you need to be too tired to do anything you find fun.  On the contrary there are things you can do to get your energy levels back up to where they were in your 20’s.

This way you might even be able to do sports like kickboxing.